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4 Lessons a Group of 4th Graders Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

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Justin Grossman

PBJ coding lesson

As entrepreneurs and marketers, we often consider the perspectives of other people. Most of the time it’s in relation to how patients might react to one marketing campaign versus another, or how physicians might respond to a new drug launch. But when is the last time you put yourself in a child’s shoes? In my opinion, we don’t do it often enough.

Recently I discovered just how much I stand to learn from children. A request had come in to my company from a principal at a nearby elementary school asking to bring his 4th graders by for a tour of our new office. He was interested in the ways we had designed the space to optimize the way people work and interact together, and thought it would be a helpful teaching opportunity to give them a closer look at how a STEM-driven company works.

As the CEO of a digital strategy and technology development agency, I hesitated. Yes, we work in STEM, but wouldn’t a visit to a science museum be more interesting? But the opportunity excited our team so we agreed. What I hadn’t anticipated was that our team would be the one learning some key life lessons that day. 

In my latest article in Thrive Global, “4 Lessons a Group of 4th Graders Taught Me About Entrepreneurship,” I share how a group of 4th graders reminded me of the magic that exists in entrepreneurship. I explain how seeing through their eyes for one day reminded me of four critical lessons that apply in life and in business. I also include why it’s so important to change your perspective from time to time.

Read all about it the full article.