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The 4 Stages of Digital Maturity: How Does Your Organization Rank?

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Justin Grossman

Digital maturity

A quick Google search on “digital transformation” will serve up more than 200 million results. That leaves no question that digital transformation is top of mind for most organizations (if not the buzzword du jour), but has the term lost meaning from overuse and misuse?

Digital transformation is crucial to every business’s future, regardless of industry, so there’s no denying its relevance. At the same time, however, the term is fairly misleading, as it conjures up the notion of a quick overhaul or magic fix to instantly create a digitally adept organization: simply apply tech to your existing business, and you’ll be transformed. Of course, that’s not the case, and this is where the concept of digital maturity comes in.

Your organization’s level of digital maturity is an indicator of the degree to which you need digital transformation, how easy or challenging it will be to implement, and what may need to change before embarking on a digital transformation journey. Digitally mature organizations in particular are always on the edge of that digital continuum, constantly keeping up with, adopting, and even creating technologies — but not without the strategies and infrastructure in place to support them. A mature organization is never transformed, but is always transforming. 

So how can you tell if your organization is making meaningful progress, or barely scratching the surface? A recent study from Deloitte shows that most organizations identify digital transformation as a need, but have yet to put the wheels in motion. Understanding where your organization lands on the digital maturity curve is an important indicator of how competitive it is in today’s digital landscape.

In my latest Forbes column, “The 4 Stages of Digital Maturity: How Does Your Organization Rank?” I explore the four levels of digital maturity and what they reveal about your organization’s journey toward true digital transformation. I also share key questions that can serve as indicators of maturity on digital transformation so you can assess where you currently stand and what steps to take next. Read the article here.

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