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Is Agile the Key to Mastering Journey Orchestration in Pharma Marketing?

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Justin Grossman
Is agile the key?

In today’s digital world, marketers understand the customer is king. It’s imperative that organizations engage them in meaningful and impactful ways from the beginning of the customer journey through the end. While this is a tall order for any organization, the newfound cognizance of customer experience has also given rise to the concept of journey orchestration.

Defined by its focus on creating a seamless, deeply personalized, end-to-end customer experience across every channel, journey orchestration has proven to be a powerhouse strategy. This is especially the case in pharma, where marketers are tasked with being more innovative, more responsive to customer behaviors, and more collaborative across departments — all while navigating industry roadblocks and regulations that can hamper their efforts.

While highly effective, there’s no question that mastering journey orchestration is a heavy lift. It requires an organizational mindset shift, constant testing and measuring, and the ability to make quick pivots. So how can marketers tackle a complex, but invaluable undertaking such as journey orchestration? The solution, as it so often is, has been right under our noses with a methodology that has proven successful in the tech world for decades: Agile.

In my recent column for Pharma Live, “Is Agile the Key to Mastering Journey Orchestration in Pharma Marketing?” I define exactly how an agile approach can help pharma marketers master the art of journey orchestration. I share why securing buy-in is mission critical and give specific examples of the cultural and financial benefits that come along with adopting an agile mindset. Finally, I break down how leveraging an agile philosophy helps pharma marketers see through blind spots, make adjustments in real time, and deliver stronger results.

Read the article here.