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Attention, Leaders: Celebrate Your Wins

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Justin Grossman

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In my role as CEO, I have a front row seat to today’s hyper-competitive business world. I can attest that the intense pressure to close big deals and keep ahead of the competition can, at times, be all-consuming. 

I’m not alone. Considering the fact that upwards of 50% of all start-ups fail by their fifth year, it’s no wonder entrepreneurs are four times more likely to struggle with depression than the general population. 

With so much stress to get to the top and stay there, today’s leaders can easily succumb to tunnel vision toward the next benchmark and then the next, but the truth is “all rev and no review” is no recipe for success. 

It’s time for leaders to take a pause and re-evaluate the go-go-go mindset. One powerful strategy is to focus on the positive and celebrate wins. This does not take away from the hard work; rather, it means embracing accomplishments and achievements along the journey toward larger organizational goals. The effect of taking time for appreciative gestures and promoting a culture of celebrating wins benefits leaders, families, and colleagues, and strengthens relationships.

In my latest article in Forbes, “Want to Boost Motivation? Celebrate Wins,” I share how business leaders can take a break from the rat race and cultivate a culture of gratitude. You’ll learn five actionable tips for acknowledging when things, no matter how big or small, go right. 

Read the full article here.