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Create a Compelling Omnichannel Experience With Journey Orchestration

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Justin Grossman

Omnichannel customer experience

In the old days (of just a few years ago), the term “customer experience” (CX) was primarily localized to the commerce space and often associated with basic customer service touchpoints. 

But the last few years of technological advances and growing consumer expectations have shown us that CX encompasses the entire customer journey from beginning to end. There’s no question this has direct implications for every organization’s approach, no matter the industry. 

As companies recognize the value of CX, it’s no surprise that nearly every function is beginning to be held accountable for it. This shift adds new responsibilities for everyone, especially marketers who are tasked with delivering a seamless and personalized omnichannel experience from the very first moment. In the pharmaceutical industry, this pressure is compounded by already strict compliance and regulatory requirements. 

Strategizing and planning for customer journey orchestration begins with accepting high patient and HCP expectations. They expect their interactions with your brand to be meaningful and frictionless, and rightly so. This is where customer journey orchestration can help marketers manage, measure, and align to those expectations, while navigating the realities of the pharma industry. 

In my latest column for PM360, “How to Create a Compelling Omnichannel Experience for Customers,” I share concrete steps to help pharma marketers deliver on the promise of customer journey orchestration. I break down what journey orchestration is, how to get started and they ways it can help build the blueprint for a successful CX.

Read the entire article here.