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Customer Journey Orchestration 101 for Pharma

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Justin Grossman

Marketer orchestrating customer journeys

Marketing is full of jargon, making it hard to decipher between a flash-in-the-pan fad and something you should actually pay attention to. But for pharma marketers, there’s one trend worth paying attention to right now: customer journey orchestration.

Journey orchestration enables marketers to go a step beyond the common practice of journey mapping. Technology today lets us create individualized journey maps for every single customer and prospect, and automate personalization — on any channel — to keep them engaged and loyal.

When properly implemented, journey orchestration saves resources and improves the impact of your marketing efforts.  

Journey orchestration is new to most pharma marketers, so I wrote a primer in my latest article for PM360, “The Pharma Marketer’s Guide to Journey Orchestration Success.” 

Some jargon is too important to ignore. Get the full article here.