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Does Your Agency Have What It Takes to Lead You Through Digital Transformation?

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Justin Grossman

Digital Transformation

Marketing looks nothing like it used to. Today, it’s less about campaigns and more about a cohesive customer experience underpinned by a technologically sound foundation –– one that dually supports your long-term goals for achieving scale and sustainability. 

With the convergence of marketing and technology, modern brands require agency partners who can not only chart the path to digital transformation, but also execute on it. The question is, however, are your agencies truly equipped to meet these digital demands?

CMOs need agency partners who provide more than tactical approaches to digital. They need partners who have digital transformation capabilities and technical expertise at their core. 

This need is only growing and intensifying, and agencies –– AORs and digital shops –– will need to critically assess if they are equipped to serve as true value-add partners to their clients. 

Because this issue is becoming more pervasive, I explore it in depth in my latest Forbes Agency Council article, “True Digital Transformation Requires a New Breed of Agency.” In the article, I cover what agencies will need to do to survive the digital transformation of our industry and what will be needed to meet the needs of clients well into the future. 

Read the article here