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Here's How Precision Medicine Will Change Your Approach to Trial Recruitment

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Justin Grossman

Precision Medicine Will Revolutionize Trial Recruitment

Precision medicine is not only revolutionizing today’s approach to disease prevention and treatment, it is also spurring out-of-the-box thinking by pharma marketers, especially when it comes to drug trial recruitment efforts. In the past, physicians would refer individuals with certain disease states to corresponding one-size-fits-all drug trials. But today, more and more patients are the ones requesting to participate. Why? The reason is twofold. 

First, the rise in precision medicine increases what patients understand of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that impact their health. Second, new technologies such as health monitoring wearables, mass-market screenings and digital health information give patients even more insights about their health. Both of these trends arm patients with critical information, empowering them to be proactive and leading many to self-identify their fitness for specific treatments and trials. 

All this has significant implications for everyone involved in the way trial recruitment is approached. But for pharma marketers in particular, it requires a shift to highly targeted, direct clinical trial participant recruitment.  

In my latest article in Pharmaceutical Executive, “How Precision Medicine Will Revolutionize Trial Recruitment,” I explore how precision medicine will impact pharma marketers and how they can adjust their efforts in response to the changing behaviors of consumers. I share  five common challenges that hinder marketers from finding the right populations for a precision medicine clinical trial, the four best practices to ensure they successfully reach target populations, and why moving forward marketers will need to supplement their outreach plan right out of the gate when launching a trial.

Read the article here.