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Use Technology to Revamp the Customer Experience

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Justin Grossman

Customer Experience

Today’s consumers hold a lot of power. They dictate the terms of how they choose to engage with brands, which is why understanding those terms has become vitally important.

This dynamic shift has not gone unnoticed by marketers. Most organizations now count customer experience (CX) as one of their top success metrics; 81% of marketing leaders responsible for CX say their companies will “mostly or completely compete on the basis of CX” by 2020.

Still, many marketers feel they don’t have complete control over CX, particularly if they’re operating in a heavily regulated industry like pharma, where they're bound by the rules of HIPPA, GDPR or the FDA. In other cases, they feel they are held back, fighting slow-to-evolve industries or executives too hesitant to venture away from the way things have always been done. Is this something you can relate to?

No matter what stands in the way, there are ways to navigate around these roadblocks. It just requires the right strategy and technology to support it.

In my recent Forbes column, “How to Enhance the Customer Journey When You’re Not in the Driver's Seat,” I share how customer experience and the technology that tracks it will be the key differentiators of brands to stay competitive, hedge against disruption, and succeed. I also explore how to chart your marketing efforts to the customer journey utilizing technology, creating a more effective and personalized CX along the way.

Read the article here.