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Why meltmedians Stick Around Twice as Long

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Matthew Rausch
VP of Human Resources

Trust Fall

Here at meltmedia, our HR team has been focused on a couple of goals over the past 5 years:

  1. Attract good employees that best represent the community
  2. Treat those employees with respect and dignity

As a result, we’ve been able to achieve an average employee tenure that’s twice as high as comparable companies in our industry.

Here’s How We Did It


Our first goal has been met through a very intentional hiring process. In fact, we accept only 2% of applicants, compared with Harvard Law School’s 15% acceptance rate.

We don’t use any of the “time-saving” methods of screening out folks with algorithms and word highlights. Rather, we advertise our positions on specific sites that we know produce the best candidates, and read every resume submitted.

If an applicant appears to have the skills to match an open position, or experience that shows potential for learning the position quickly, then they move to the next step in the process.

Our second goal (to treat employees with respect and dignity) has been met by building a company culture with intention, instead of by accident.

This makes a real difference, and it’s the reason I believe we have an employee tenure twice that of our industry average.

Sure, we have that fun “tech” environment of games and food and stuff, but how our employees interact with each other is the foundation of our culture. People stay because they feel supported, respected, and challenged.

All About That Balance


Our partners (Mike Moulton and Justin Grossman) love their jobs, but they also love their lives, and want all of us to feel the same. We don’t want people waking up at 2 a.m. and thinking about work, or wondering what support they will receive on their current challenges. And we don’t want them to think only about work, all the time.

So, we’ve created some engagement programs. Programs that drive conversation about interpersonal relationships that are crucial to building trust among coworkers, which are both work and non-work related.

For instance, we have a “talks@melt” event that happens every other Thursday. Employees are invited to bring in speakers that may or may not discuss things to improve our work processes. Or the employees can speak themselves about things they’ve created to smooth our workflows, or about some personal interests they have. Recent topics have included “Wellness Through Physicality,” “Urban Chicken Farming,” and “Music Production for Dummies.”

Trust Is at the Center of It All


melt has a standard manual for employees, but we’ve found that if you hire good people and treat them as adults, they will return the favor by acting that way.

We encourage communication to avoid pitfalls like passive aggressive behavior or siloing of information within departments. And we’ve ensured that we not only have facilitators available to help with contentious situations, but our leaders’ doors are truly open to employees—and our people are comfortable taking advantage of it, knowing that they will be praised and not criticized for bringing any issue to our leadership team’s attention, good or bad.

But it isn’t just leadership we entrust with our employees’ well being; we’ve created an official mentorship program, which not only allows all levels of our employees guidance on increasing their skills, but also spreads the responsibility of “supervision” across disciplines so everyone feels involved in contributions to meltmedia.

As a company of only 70-some employees, there are, of course, employees that find opportunities elsewhere. But we’ve also discovered that in the past five years, 80% of those that leave, ask to come back to melt.

Who Belongs Here?


The numbers don’t lie: we’re a great fit for people who enjoy a challenging, fun, and growth-oriented culture.

Sound like a place you’d like to be? Visit the meltmedia careers page to see what positions are currently available. We’re always looking for quality candidates who will continue to build our outstanding culture.