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Meet Clare Kirlin

Director of Marketing

Clare Kirlin - Channel Marketing Manager
I got rhymes in my mind, embedded like an embryo.

Clare Kirlin here, a.k.a. Clare-without-an-i. Say that last part out loud and I sound like a pirate. Arrr you hearing it?

I'm the Director of Marketing here melt, which is a dream come true. I get to work alongside the best people in the galaxy to mastermind strategies that connect our brand with clients who need us. My favorite thing about meltmedia is that we don't test our websites on animals — unless they're human.

I was originally found mewing in the icy rubble of a midwestern blizzard, which did jack frost for my cold tolerance. That's why I dramatically shed my snowsuit and trotted westward ho, eventually settling right here in Tempe, Arizona. These days, you can find me marketing (duh), plotting ways to break out of this simulation created by our nefarious overlords that we mistake for “real life,” or whipping up a batch of hot-crossed puns in the kitchen. Puns are the only thing I'm allowed to whip up in the kitchen, since I set the last kitchen on fire trying to make chilaquiles.

I spend most of my time outside of work bonding with my daughter, Lola, and my Kindle, Kindle.

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