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Meet Matthew Rausch

VP of Human Resources

Matthew Rausch - Director of Human Resources
Coffee keeps me alive.

I'm an Organizational Development and Employee Relations Expert, so I build teams, measure and track the wellness of employees, develop managerial training, and facilitate positive interactions among employees. Plus, I ensure melt's benefits package is attractive, working effectively, and fair. melt is awesome that’s loaded with smarty-pants people that know how to build awesome shizz. It’s pretty fantastic to work here. And challenging… but in a good way. Like on a day when you try to control Andy’s ‘chairiot’ while driving at top speed. It’s much harder than it looks. After work and on weekends you can find me running, reading anything by Daniel Silva, and hanging with my family and my dog Annabelle who loves grapefruit, but hugs less so.


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