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Meet Dave Woodruff

Founder Emeritus

Everywhere at once.

I’m a founder and a former partner here at melt. Before I retired, I was known for making design awesome, making design people happy, and checking the mail. I liked working at melt mostly because I owned it, therefore I was never late, which is super because I hate being late anywhere.

I grew up in Downtown Phoenix, but I love San Francisco. It’s cool as hell. My friends are cool, too. They like all the things I like: Food, booze, soccer, and also, they’re not my enemies, which is awesome. I have a crazy dog named Royal and he is a bit of a wild child so he hasn’t been invited to the office yet, but we’ll get there. I love learning, but I also know I can never learn everything. That’s why curiosity is so wonderful. I also enjoy reading (Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is my favorite book), riding my bicycle, dreaming of the oddities of the world, and drinking bourbon. On the side, I love to write. In fact, I’ve written ten books. They’re just some short stories, and a few people at melt have actually read them.

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