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Meet Abby Blue

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It’s just math.

Hi, my name is Abby Blue and I work on the Development crew as a Site Builder where I’m responsible for building and maintaining sites in Drupal and AEM.

I’m originally from Portland, Oregon where my favorite thing to do is explore the amazing variety of food and drink the city has to offer. Plus, the botanical gardens there are incredible; all that rain has to be good for something, right? If I could live anywhere in the world though, I’d live in Osaka, Japan. Nothing like a Kushikatsu and a cold beer!

I have a cat named Boopie who is known for playing fetch, greeting you at the door, and is always the most popular guest at all my parties. Overall, this cat embodies my ideal spirit animal because I also have an affinity for dairy, sun patches, and only agree with water on my own terms. One of the times I got along with water was when I jumped off a boat in the Aegean Sea and swam to a hot spring at the base of a volcano like a badass.

When I’m not at work or swimming to hot springs, I’m working on expanding and perfecting my jungle home and taking long rides on my yellow Vespa.

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