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Meet Christian Trimble

Senior Director of Engineering

Christian Trimble - Senior Director of Engineering
Be Prepared!

As a Principal Architect on the dev team at melt, I’m the person responsible for Talu's data collection and reporting services, the organization of our Show and Tell event, and providing help when I can. The whole working at melt thing is awesome. I love how the office is in Tempe, the city where I grew up. I wouldn’t choose any other place to be! What’s not to like? My family is here, my work is here, and I’ve never had to shovel snow in my life. At home you can find me trying to get my dog, Chester, to respond to any of my commands or watching THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. John Ratzenberger's portrayal of Major Bren Derlin is classic! And speaking of classic, if you ever need to get motivated at work, might I suggest rock from the 60s and 70s? It’s way better than the rock from a century earlier...

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