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Meet Kyle Huntsman

Software Developer

Do what you want, pirates are free.

I’m an Associate Backend Developer here at melt. I’m one of the devs dealing with backend server functionality, anything Java related, and other code stuffs no one else wants to deal with, because backend. melt is super relaxed, which is awesome, because being stressed is for crazy people. The people here are a blast to work with.

When I’m not at melt, I like to hang out with my friends, play games, watch a good movie, or pour money (and more oil) into my car. I love my car, and it loves me, but it has old people problems sometimes that I enjoy fixing. I also like jamming out to house and techno music, and playing with my cats. I have two of them; Maxwell, who bites my ankles, and Sugar, whose sole purpose in life is to lie on things I’m actively working with. It's a little harder to type with a cat on your keyboard.

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