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Meet Sebastian Nievas

Senior Software Developer

Sebastian Nievas - Senior Drupal Developer
Who doesn't like a good nap??

As a Senior Drupal Developer on the Development crew here at melt, I’m responsible for developing awesome drupal experiences, automating business processes, and eating the snacks. The best thing about working at melt is the team! Everyone is amazing at everything they touch. I would definitely be jealous of melt if I wasn’t already part of the crew. Originally, I’m from Argentina where my favorite thing to do is take a nap and eat lots and lots of delicious churros. Not necessarily in that order. Sometimes you need a nap after all that fried, doughy, melt-in-your-mouth (no pun intended) goodness. My motto is, you gotta do what you love and I do love eating churros, so I’m gonna just keep doing that. I like to think they’re healthier -maybe- than entire sticks of butter, which is what my labradoodle, Simba, likes to eat. To each their own, right? Simba’s just doing his thing, which is great because nobody should be afraid of what other people think. That’s another motto of mine. Feel free to use it!

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