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Meet Ann Johnson

Project Manager

Is glitter a color?

Hi, my name is Ann Johnson and I’m a project manager here at melt. My job is to make sure that our clients’ tools work right so they can do their jobs better. The best thing about working at melt is the we-are-in-this-together environment. That’s pretty rare.

I have a pet cat called Missy “The Master" who’s world-famous for loving fetch. I also have an office plant that I have been able to keep alive for over 3 years now (please be impressed). 

I grew up in the South.  I am a proud Fighting Texas Aggie and Texas country music lover, because everyone could use a little twang in their life. My family has a hobby farm with lots of animals. So if you ever want to see photos of baby goats, you can count on me!

Outside of work I enjoy night hikes (with headlamps), board and card games, Crossfit, and surviving hot air balloon accidents. True story.

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