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Meet Emily Haglin

Associate Business Analyst

Emily Haglin
I really hope gummy bears never go extinct

Hi, my name is Emily Haglin, but most people just call me Hags. I’m basically the human form of the blonde girl facepalming emoji. My job at melt is associate BA, which stands for either business analyst or badass, depending on the day. It also means I put together documentation and requirements, assist with technical integration, and DALOMA (decipher a lot of medical acronyms) for our project management team. I never thought I’d work in an office where I could drink beer and getting my ankles licked by a dog during a meeting would be a common occurrence, but here I am and I couldn’t be happier. 

I’m originally from Minnesoooocold, where my favorite things to do are going fishing and drinking any of the amazing Minnesotan beers. The people I’m closest to are my three younger siblings because they still loved me during all of my embarrassing phases and can make me laugh harder than anyone else. 

My favorite color is glitter (I have an art degree, so I can vouch for the validity of this statement) and I never go anywhere without a pack of Orbit bubblemint. If I’m not at work, just follow the bubblemint smell and you can find me cheering for the St. Louis Blues, torch-uring myself in a 100 degree pilates class, reading a weird medical non-fiction book, or doing some sort of volunteer work around the valley.

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