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Meet Jacqueline Southwick

Program Manager

Jacqueline Southwick - Interactive Project Manager
Everything happens for a reason.

I’m an Interactive Project Manager at meltmedia. I manage the successful delivery of updates to existing websites, radical redesigns and custom website builds, as well as custom interactive deliverables. Working with such talented, personable peers makes me look good when it comes to delivering projects, but it also makes coming to work really easy. I’m a native of Arizona and have no plans to move anywhere else.  I love the weather and even better, all of my family is here. Though to be perfectly honest I don’t think I’d drive very well in the snow if I lived somewhere cold, anyway.  Outside of meltmedia, I get in the zone on the soccer field and conquering CrossFit WODs.  We have a pet fish named, Nacho Libre.  Sometimes my sister sings to him and he loves it, he swims like crazy when she serenades him. I try to get her to bust out some Eric Church songs since he’s my favorite singer, but I’m not so sure Nacho Libre is as into his soulful country tunes as I am...

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