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Meet Rich Milligan

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Rich Milligan
My spirit animal is a hawk because they have the ability to soar above life and see the bigger picture.

I work on the Project Management crew here at melt as a Business Analyst. That means I’m responsible for understanding and capturing the business process, workflow and requirements, finding ideal solutions for clients and last but not least, analyzing business. I love working at melt because our great culture isn’t forced. My coworkers are just really awesome people who make work fun. Before working at melt, I used to live in Colorado where I’d go fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains but, I’ve since traded fishing for hunting... Hunting for breakfast burritos.

When I’m not at melt, you can find me serenading my wife and dogs (Roan and Bailey) with the sweet sounds of my guitar, playing golf or video games, or eating. (But sometimes I eat at work, too.)

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