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Enterprise web CMS shouldn't be this simple... but it can be.

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the leading content management solution for enterprises that want to easily and consistently deliver great digital experiences via the web, across all devices. And it's backed by the strength, experience, and marketing expertise of Adobe.

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Simply powerful

Sony Interactive, Volkswagen and Dell are just a few of the marquee names that rely on AEM, often integrated with other Marketing Cloud products, to power their digital marketing machines. When implemented with meltmedia, AEM will make publishing fast, easy, and effective. And when you need to customize beyond what’s out-of-the-box, we can dive into the tech stack under AEM.

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All in one place, for everyone

Adobe Experience Manager 6 is 100% responsive design-ready. Publish for your whole audience, across every device: Desktops, phones, tablets, and even kiosks. Integration with other marketing components like Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics allows you to make things highly relevant for each person you touch. All of your digital content can flow through AEM, customized to each viewport and personalized to each user.

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Enterprise scalability

Scalability can be a requirement on multiple fronts: From a large community of authors, to a massive amount of content, to spikes in traffic due to campaign or social media wins. AEM is enterprise-class software architected to accommodate scale where you need it. For each scaling scenario the limiting factors have been identified and the solution patterns laid out to ensure that your audience members receive seamless delivery, even if they’re not the first to the party.

melt delivers a program, not a project.

A website is a project. But rolling out an enterprise web CMS requires a thoughtful program, orchestrating all the players toward a sustainable, effective result. Below is an overview of our program management approach and highlights of our program best practices. Ready to discuss this in depth? Call us –  (602) 340-9440.

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    Program Management

    Our holistic program approach covers: Transition (from legacy agencies), Site Management, Template and Component Development, Process and Change Management, Roadmap and Backlog, Governance, Budget, Release Management, Testing, Iteration, and Comprehensive Training. Below, we focus in on a few key areas.

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    Roadmap and Backlog Management

    meltmedia manages the entire program by maintaining a roadmap, as well as a prioritized backlog. This approach allows for long-term visibility to all stakeholders while still providing flexibility. Our proactive management allows us to handle multiple sites with frequent releases, while coordinating global releases that impact the whole platform.

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    Often the intended benefits and efficiencies from rolling out a shared platform are perceived to be at odds with the individual needs and “independent streak” of some stakeholders. It can be difficult to determine which design approaches and features make sense to prioritize when stakeholders get squeaky. A governance board is essential to act as the authoritative clearing house for validating stakeholder requests against the “greater good.” 

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    Data Driven Iteration

    Measurement is essential to improving results. And acting on those metrics can only be achieved if you are able to divine insights from your metrics. meltmedia works with you to make sure the proper tools and tagging are in place to give you a clear picture of how your site/implementation is performing. Then we work with you to take action based on your insights.

Why meltmedia and Adobe?

There are many agencies that deliver CMS. There are far fewer that are equipped to implement AEM. But you don’t need to be swarmed by consultants to get world-class execution – call us: (602) 340-9440

Why meltmedia:
  • No outsourcing, subcontracting or offshoring - North America-based
  • Dedicated team of UX and UI Designers
  • Experienced, consultative Interactive Project Managers
  • True Quality Assurance via team of engineers with powerful automation
  • Our people truly live to make great experiences!
When to think of us for your needs:
  • Your current agency is not executing at a level you know you need
  • You want North American hours and an on-shore team you can meet in-person
  • You are considering integration with other marketing tools like Analytics or Campaign
  • You have complex workflows or integrations the require custom solutions

AEM is software and we know software.

We’re not all engineers, but a lot of us are! While we have full Business, Project Management and Design crews, we have a large team of frontend and backend developers. We also stand out via our dedicated crew of Quality Assurance engineers who perform human and automated testing for everything we do.

meltmedia’s software strength

Having a deep technical bench means we don’t have to go outside of meltmedia to seek expertise.

  • We have roughly 40 full-time software developers on staff, under our roof in North America 
  • We are fluent in Enterprise Java, JCR and OSGI, which are the underpinnings of AEM
  • Whether a solution requires enhancing out-of-the-box AEM components, or creating custom components for specific requirements, melt is at your service
Integration with other tools

AEM fulfills the mission of being a standalone enterprise web CMS, but integration with other tools empowers your digital marketing.

  • We can connect AEM to other Adobe Marketing Cloud components to close the loop on your digital marketing and add the power of features like retargeting and personalization
  • Utilizing social media sign-on we can lower the barrier to account creation and sign-in
  • Salesforce is ubiquitous, and we have years of experience connecting it to other platforms

See what we can do with AEM!

Genentech AEM Platform

We're working with Genentech to scale their growing web presence by rolling out Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as their enterprise content management platform.

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