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Genentech Sales Email Marketing Platform

Genentech's web app for email marketing

  • enterprise software
  • visual design
  • user experience
  • responsive design
  • personalized email
  • custom web app

meltmedia helped Genentech achieve a 30% open rate and 18% click-through rate for healthcare provider emails by developing a custom rep email marketing platform.

RAMP is consistently exceeding industry standards for personalized email engagement. We are heavily invested in seeing continued success, so we’re always seeking to improve upon an already successful, highly-utilized platform.

Getting a diagnosis

Genentech was dealing with an environment where it was getting increasingly difficult for sales reps to talk directly with their customers - Health Care Professionals. They needed to find a way to complement their in-person time with alternative methods of direct communication.

The concept for success

We all thought email was going to be the most effective digital approach to reach their customers, but we didn’t want to create more mass email marketing. We decided to take a more customized 1-1 approach. We worked closely with the sales and marketing teams at Genentech to build a set of common materials and templates that sales reps would find useful. Each piece was a customizable email that a sales rep could choose based on what they knew their customers needed. We named this new tool, RAMP: Rep Activated Messaging Platform.

Relevant and timely = increased conversion

We created both a desktop and mobile version of RAMP so sales reps could send these customized emails at any time, at the office or on-the-go. These new emails were very timely and relevant. Each message could be tracked individually so sales representatives knew who was interacting with their messages and what information was resonating with their customers. This new approach had a measurable impact on conversion.

A pilot that created off-the-charts results

The initial application was built as pilot to test the approach. The results were better than anyone expected. The program saw consistent open rates over 30% and click-through rates at 18% or higher, along with increased interaction with customers. The numbers are far higher than industry standards. We also noticed that the templates were being forwarded on to other colleagues, leading to a viral effect.

What happened next? And what’s happening now?

RAMP was a runaway success that continued to on-board new brands as they heard about their peer brands’ increased traction. But in the last couple years, RAMP’s technology was showing its age. Rather than kill the tool and move on, Genentech decided to give us the opportunity to completely re-write RAMP from the ground up, using modern web technologies and all of our shared learnings from RAMP’s past challenges and successes.

meltmedia and Genentech have now launched RAMP v2 using the latest technologies afforded by modern browsers. We’re looking forward to sharing RAMP’s increased effectiveness as the numbers roll in!

Ramp Mobile Example

In a highly regulated industry, it's paramount that we have a communication platform for marketing messages that is simple to use, secure, and compliant. We needed a platform that could scale to support a large suite of products, and the people behind them, in our growing portfolio. We have heard rave reviews since launching the new RAMP to end users, across all devices they use out in the field.

The meltmedia project team has done such an excellent job over the entire course of the rebuild. All of them have gone above and beyond to deliver a quality platform for our business and I'm grateful to be a part of this project.
Josh Matthews - Genentech RAMP
Josh Matthews
Interactive Marketing - RAMP Business Owner