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Turbo Resources

Turbo Resources

  • identity
  • visual design
  • ux design
  • prototype

Combining content strategy, brand exploration, and design and development expertise, we helped set Turbo Resources apart from the noisy online competition.

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Early in the project, it became clear that the fine folks at Turbo Resources were very open and collaborative around everything they approached. Luckily, this attitude extended to the project as a whole, and thus created a final product that exceeded the expectations of everyone involved.
Project Background

Turbo was in a great place when they approached us to work with them on their new marketing and inventory ordering website. They were already leaders in their game, had an impressive portfolio of international clients, and it seemed like everyone that actually works at the company has a constant “I love my job” smile. Our goal was to emulate this success online, an arena where even the competitors hadn't been present.

Frequent Fliers

It was important to first identify all the various customers that engaged with Turbo. By evaluating current sales and sales staff experiences, a few key customer types emerged. These were then prioritized and became the basis of all design decisions.

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Price
  • Price
  • Updates
  • Availability
  • Price
  • Speed
  • RFQ’S
Customer Flightpaths

As Hannibal Smith says, "I love it when a plan comes together,” but before it can come together, the plan must exist first. A visual flow of all major customer interactions helped visualize the big picture for the team. With the flows finalized, we next designed wireframes to detail the exact customer experience. As is the nature of wireframes, we explored many iterations until they solved for all customer and business expectations.

Trust in Turbo
Brand Exploration

With their many years in business, Turbo has a great amount of brand recognition in the industry. This makes it important to create a visual language that feels like the brand that customers know and love, but is also inclusive of all the needs of the new interface. We organized the end result into a style guide which also seeks to help the development team at Turbo grow the website in a consistent manner.

Visual Design

Combining what we learned from the flows, wireframes, and brand exploration, we created a set of design mockups. We also created a companion style guide which seeks to help the development team at Turbo Resources grow the website within a design framework. During this phase, we addressed many of the individual interface interactions in preparation for our ultimate deliverable: a functional prototype.

A Plan Comes Together

As the A-Team is well aware, a plan doesn't always follow... the plan. To test our designs before development, we created a functional prototype for real human testing! We learned quite a bit from our user tests which prompted certain design changes and more tests. In the end, what we had was a product that all team members were confident in, the greatest of all victories!

Front-end Development

To finish things off, we packaged together the designs and functional requirements into a holistic code base. We packaged animations, minor interactions, and client-provided content and passed it off to Turbo Resources for implementation. We provided documentation to help foster a smooth transition.

Meltmedia has clearly established a process that produces amazing results. For Turbo's web portal project, they assembled a team of knowledgeable professionals who not only excel at their own specialized skills but are also genuinely fun people who seem to enjoy and care about what they do. All along the way, communication was excellent and in the end, the product delivered perfectly matched our requirements. Melt's modern, progressive design shines through and sets us apart in our industry. We get compliments on it every day!
Brandon Goodman