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Strict Regulations? You Can Still Deliver Real Results.

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Justin Grossman

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Marketing without constraints is a breeze, but marketing in one of the 10 most-regulated industries in the United States? That’s a whole other ball game.

Pharma marketers must abide by notoriously strict regulations, and often struggle between implementing the latest personalization trends and staying in compliance with industry regulations. Trying to move the needle while your hands are tied can be frustrating, but it is also an exciting opportunity to innovate.

The rules are the rules, which is why pharma marketers will need to shift their mindset in order to make an impact while coloring inside the lines. Among the possibilities: focusing on high-value client interactions, in which you can improve conversion rates, deliver meaningful customer experiences, and elevate your brand.

In my latest article in PharmaPhorum, “How to keep innovating when roadblocks stand in your way,” I write about how pharma marketers can begin to navigate industry roadblocks and still deliver personalized customer experiences. I also break down the latest consumer marketing tactics, including social media, AI and video, and dig into how they can be used in the context of a highly regulated industry like pharma. And finally, I share how starting small and getting creative is the best way to face stringent regulations and still deliver real results.

Read the article here.