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Meet Justin Kaminsky

Digital Production Designer

Black Mirror. That’s my jam.

Hi, my name is Justin Kaminsky and I work as melt’s digital production designer. I am responsible for collaborating with all the awesome people here, designing lots of things, and helping melt stand out with cool swag. The thing I love most about my job is the people. Everyone has talents or experiences in things you wouldn't believe. melt is a special place and our culture reflects that.

Outside of work, I like to play games (PS4), travel, eat good food, and animate things. Once I even created an animated cinematic opening to a fake Star Wars movie! 

I have a pet husky named Skyla who likes to hide under things and is a lovable ball of fur. My movie is Interstellar, my favorite book is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and my favorite thing of all is my family. I wouldn't be here with these awesome people if weren't for my awesome fam.

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