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Meet Chris Shaver

Solutions Architect

It's a mere matter of software

Hi, my name is Chris Shaver and I work on the development crew here at melt, as a Solutions Architect. I am responsible for creating technical solutions that solve customer problems. I love working with my colleagues and clients, but the dogs are a close second. They produce great work and keep it fun.

I’m most recently from Chicagoland, where my favorite thing to do was to eat encased meat products (when in Rome…). I also enjoyed witnessing a once-every-88-and-108-year event: the ending of two World Series droughts. It was kinda like seeing two Halley’s comets. I love living in Arizona, now, as I never have to shovel a hundred foot driveway to make it to work.

Outside of work I like to spend time with my girls: wife, daughters, and pet Yorkie. They are awesome because they tolerate me, usually. Maggie the Yorkie likes to take me on 3-mile morning walks, even though her legs are only 9 inches long. I usually keep up.

I’m also a fan of reading, biking, skiing, iOS devices, and tech podcasts. I can’t get enough technology. When I retire I plan to turn into a manatee, because who wouldn’t want to float in warm water eating vegetables all day?

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