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HonorHealth website

  • web design
  • visual design
  • drupal
  • CMS
  • Acquia

We worked with HonorHealth to create a welcoming and helpful website to support a new health system vision: making healthy personal.

It’s not often that such a dynamic and responsively-designed enterprise website, representing a newly formed company and dozens of stakeholders, can be deployed in 16 weeks. By establishing a strong partnership built on trust and backed by talented teams, HonorHealth and meltmedia were able to come together to launch on time, and do so while pushing the boundaries of a typically conservative industry.

A common goal

HonorHealth is the result of the merger of two of Arizona’s largest hospital networks, John C. Lincoln Health Network and Scottsdale Healthcare, each with their own identities, cultures and content. The new health system declared a mission of transforming their communities through the promotion of wellness and personalized care.

Despite the conservative nature of the industry, the HonorHealth and melt teams were given the freedom to explore a much more human approach. The goal of everyone involved was to personalize healthcare.

Stakeholders and content galore

On their own, each of merging entities had dozens of stakeholders and tons of valid content. To achieve the goal of "Making healthy personal", melt and HonorHealth had to consistently advocate for the people who were going to use the site. This called for a serious content audit and a thorough information architecture effort.

With over a thousand pages each, the two websites had to be combined and whittled down to just a few hundred pages for an on-time launch of Phase One. Future phases were carefully road-mapped to roll in new content and features.

Everything in its right place

The variety of stakeholders and the large amount of content presented a serious challenge. After extensive user flow development and design iteration, now everything is right where you would expect it.

Pay My Bill Supported Insurance Average Pricing Find a Doctor Locate a Hospital Wellness MyChart
Events Community Family Medicine Forms Company History Medical Services Generic Feat Service
Medical Imaging Specialty Care Laboratory Emergency Twitter Patient Info Calendar
A style all its own

To ensure that the site stays beautiful and consistent over time, we produced a comprehensive digital style guide which included every style and UI element site managers would need to maintain the design integrity of the site.

Pulling it all together

To ensure ongoing content management was timely and efficient, all of this had to be deployed on an enterprise-class Content Management System (CMS). We chose a Drupal/Acquia solution to provide content management, hosting and support. The choice of Drupal gave us power, flexibility through extensibility, access to a robust library of reusable modules and an enthusiastic community to draw from. Acquia provides an always-on, cloud-based, scalable platform and the enterprise support to back it up.

honor health website on a macbook pro
How’d it all turn out?

What we produced together with HonorHealth was a refreshing departure from the healthcare norm, with a strong focus on the user and their personal health journey. This was balanced with the needs of many stakeholders who were closely watching the process. The on-time launch was a resounding success and our partners at HonorHealth looked like heroes to their teams and to the community at large.

Honored and privileged

Now working on the fourth phase of the website, we are thrilled to continue our partnership as moves forward with its mission.

Meet the team behind HonorHealth website.

These are the meltmedians who played key roles in this ongoing success story.